15 January 2014

Everyday Laundry Tips: Get Clean Clothes, Fast and Easy

aving your own washer and dryer means that getting the laundry done doesn’t have to be a chore! Imagine, no more tiresome trips to the laundry mat, carrying loads of laundry, detergent, and hangers! Laundry is easily managed by getting the whole family involved. Make sure that members have an easily accessible place to place their dirty laundry, and then set an expectation that dirty laundry needs to be put in it’s place. If space allows, having separate laundry hampers for darks and lights gets part of the work done easily.

When you have your own washer and dryer, it is practical to wash multiple, smaller loads rather than trying to fit it all into 2-3 large loads a week. Sorting laundry really does give the best results, and although it may seem like an outdated notion, your clothing will appear cleaner and last longer if you take the time to separate and wash separately your lights and darks. This is simply because no matter how colorfast materials are, small amounts of dye will leach out of dark colored cloth and will cause your whites to become dingy appearing over time. In addition, whites can stand to be washed in hot water and will appear brighter and whiter with a good hot wash. On the other hand, dark materials will retain their color much longer with cold water.

Throwing all your colors in together means either the whites aren’t getting their whitest in hot water, or the darks are losing their color in hot water. And neither is a good option! Another thing to keep in mind is that harsh materials like denim or corduroy is very tough on delicate materials like soft cottons and blends used in undergarments, lingerie, and blouses. Jeans for example are made of a thick cloth, and have zippers and rivets along with heavy seaming. If you toss in lighter materials with this sort of load, the heavier items will actually damage the finish of the lighter materials. It is best to wash a small load of delicates and a separate load of heavier pants and jeans.

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