Quack Rentals Appliance Lease Agreement

Terms of Service and Rental Appliance Lease Agreement

Quack Rental agrees to rent or lease equipment to the individual customer. Customer agrees for this consideration to be responsible for all rental payments to Quack Rentals

1. Customer agrees that all of the equipment is sole and exclusive property of Quack Rental.

2.Customer agrees that it has no equity, ownership interest, or possessor interest in the equipment at any time.

3.Customer agrees to pay $49.99 per month for the set of a dryer and washer plus tax or $25 for only a washer or $24.99 for only a Dryer plus tax. This payment will be deducted automatically from your credit card every month per your request.

* Special programs such as a NEW set program may be offered. These programs may have higher fees depending on the machines being offered for that RENTAL program at that time. If you sign up for a special promotional program your monthly price may be higher then the one stated above. Don’t worry, its not possible to accidentally sign up for this. In most cases you will need to go through a separate application to join one of our NEW machine sets promotion. We don’t always have new sets, and only offer these sometimes. Terms for that promotion will be clearly stated on that contract.

4.Customer agrees for Quack-Rental to process credit card on file for monthly payments(auto- pay). First months payment is due at time of delivery. Next payment is due 30-days from the date of delivery, and will continue every month until customer returns the equipment.

5. if payment can’t be processed and is more than three (3) days late, customer will be charged a $10.00 late fee. Also If customer gives a check to Quack Rentals and customer check is returned from our financial institution as insufficient funds, there will be a $25.00 return check fee to the customer. Customer agrees that in the event payment is more than 7 days late, Quack Rental will be provided any access needed to recover the equipment.

6.Customer agrees not to remove or relocate any of the equipment from its original delivery unit without written authorization from Quack Rentals.

7. Customer is responsible for equipment after installation. If equipment comes missing, customer has fourteen days to discover and return equipment. After 30 days customer is responsible for payment of $500 per unit for the equipment including all unpaid rents due. This amount will be charged to your credit card and/or sent to a collections agency.
*Please note, if you rent a NEW set on a special promotional program terms written on that contract are the terms you will follow and not term #7 written here.

8. If Equipment comes missing and we are unable to collect funds from credit card on file, equipment will be reported as stolen to authorities and charges will be pressed and/or will be sent to a collections agency.

9.Customer agrees to allow access to apartment home to verify and retrieve equipment for any unpaid rental amounts.

10.Quack Rental agrees to keep equipment in satisfactory working order. Customer agrees to allow reasonable access to equipment for repairs and maintenance.

11.Quack Rental agrees to repair or replace the equipment, if the equipment is not working properly due to normal equipment usage.

12.Customer agrees to hold Quack Rentals harmless of all claims, liabilities, or legal action involving the use of this equipment. Quack Rentals is not responsible for any damaged caused by the equipment to house, apartment, or townhouse.

13. This agreement is binding by both parties hereto, their heirs, executors, successors, and assigns. Each party agrees to give a 3-day written notice to terminate this agreement.

14. Customer must provide sufficient clearance for washers and dryers being moved into or out of properties. We recommend about a foot of clear space on each side. If you have furniture or appliances in the way, please move them before our delivery technician team arrives. Our technicians are trained to be very careful and make every effort to deliver your washer and/or dryer without damage to your home and property, but walls and/or items may be damaged if there is not sufficient clearance. It is the customer’s responsibility to move items that could potentially be damaged during delivery and setup. We bring our machines in with dollies. Your floor must be able to bear the weight of a 300-pound machine passing through. We move our machines as gently as possible, but if you have wood floors or flooring that scratches very easily, we recommend you put something over the floors to protect them prior to our arrival. Quack rentals is not responsible for your belongings, flooring or items in the case of accidental damage.

15.When a resident vacates an apartment or residence, customer agrees to notify Quack Rentals immediately and schedule pick up of equipment.

16.Quack Rentals will not share your information with anyone other then Quack Rentals staff. Customer agrees to share contact info for the use   of   Quack Rentals to contact you via email, phone calls to your home, work and secondary contact. We may try to contact you via voice broadcast and SMS (text messages) or a phone call to try to contact you about things such as late payments, delivery confirmations, maintenance issues or new promotions from Quack Rentals.

17.Customer agrees to hold Quack Rentals harmless of all claims, liabilities, or legal action involving the use of this equipment. Quack Rentals is not responsible for any damage caused by the equipment to your or your neighbor’s house, apartment, or townhouse, clothing or any personal items or bodily injury.

18. If you have any issues please contact us with in 24 hours of delivery.

19.This agreement is the entire agreement and shall not be altered or amended without written notice by each party.

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