20 March 2020

COVID-19 and Clothing Sanitation

As we grow more and more aware of precautions we should take in light of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re bombarded with questions on how we should wash and disinfect household items, including clothing. Social media is saturated with a lot of misleading information at the moment, so we asked a handful of experts (doctors and […]

13 November 2016

Do you know what the label on your clothes means?

Decoding the symbols on clothing labels can be challenging. Here is some help. 1. The left hand side machine wash symbol is the temperature to used to wash that particular item. If the symbol contains one dot, you wash in cold, two dots, you wash in warm, and three dots, you wash in hot. If there […]

16 September 2016

Laundromat VS Renting whats cheaper

Renting a washer and dryer or going to the laundromat? What is most cost effective? This is what we found out: Assuming each person  washed 3 loads per week. One Darks One Whites One Sheets/Towels Cost of washer load at laundromat: $1.50 Cost of dryer load at laundromat: $1.50 Cost per  3 loads   at $3.00 each would […]

29 December 2014

Cleaning and disinfecting toys using your washing machine and dishwasher

Almost every parent has been there. Winter is the season for colds, the flu, pink eye – and the list goes on. Not only are your children sick but now you also have to wash and disinfect everything in your household, to prevent further outbreaks with other family members or reinfection. “Sigh”… Here are a […]

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