20 August 2020

The history of the electric clothes washing machine

The first electric washing machine was created and introduced way back in the early 1900s. There is no wide consensus about the year of this invention.  Some insist that it was in 1907 while others claim it was as late as 1910. The machine was called the Thor, although I was not godlike.  This first electric clothes washer was invented by Alva J. Fisher. “Thor” was a machine which featured a metal drum to hold the clothes and an agitator that would turn both directions which helped keep the clothes from clumping together.
In 1923, a company named Bendix Home Appliances made the first electric automatic washing machine designed for home use.  This machine was expensive and had its flaws.  The largest being that it needed to be secured to the floor to keep it from moving about the room.
After world war 2, the modern washing machine began to take shape.  General Electric (GE) made their first top load machine in 1947.  The machine had different mode selections which are characteristic of the machines we use to wash our clothes today.
Modern washing machines have come a long way from their beginning.  They are smaller, lighter and include much more technology than their early counterparts.  New machines often use less water and electricity than before.  New machines utilize suspension rods on tubs  to help reduce vibration in the machine.  The latest machines have even combined the separate washing and drying making 2 machines in one!
by sudsy butchers
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