30 June 2014

FREE washer and dryer set? You can believe it!

Have you heard about Quack Rental’s Refer a Friend Program?

If you are one of Quack Rental’s many satisfied customers, you can pass on the love by referring a friend to us! And, for each friend you refer who becomes a customer, we will give you $5.00/month OFF of your bill for as long as your friend has their set in place! Click on the “Refer a Friend” button on the menu to get started. Supply us their name and phone number and once they are signed up, then your discount will be applied.

You read that right – we plan to be the TOP washer and dryer rental company in the state of Texas, and this is just one of the many ways we strive to accomplish that goal. We already make renting a washer and dryer set a snap with no credit check, free delivery and friendly service. Now with our Refer a Friend Program, we are giving you a chance to get your washer and dryer for an even better monthly price through referrals!

In fact, refer up to 9 friends to us, and YOUR set could be absolutely free to you for as long as those friends rent from us!
Keep this in mind the next time you hear that a friend or family member is moving, or that their old washer and dryer is acting up,   or if they just happen to mention how sick and tired they are of the expense and time spent on trips to the laundrymat. Start referring us today, spread the Quack Love!


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