16 September 2016

Laundromat VS Renting whats cheaper

Renting a washer and dryer or going to the laundromat?

What is most cost effective?

This is what we found out:

Assuming each person  washed 3 loads per week.

  • One Darks
  • One Whites
  • One Sheets/Towels

Cost of washer load at laundromat: $1.50
Cost of dryer load at laundromat: $1.50
Cost per  3 loads   at $3.00 each would be = $9 dollars per week per adult person.

With an average of  2 hours per week = 8 hours a month at laundromat.

If you need to commute you have gas \ vehicle cost you will need to include

$9 dollars per week per person with most households having at least 2 members = 24 loads a month

= $72 dollars per 4 weeks


What about the basic costs of renting  washer and dryer?  

  • Monthly Rent: $12.50 a week = $50 for the 4 weeks (but on months with 5 weeks this is a little cheaper)
  • Water and energy cost   per load .56 cents (see charts below) times  24 loads = $13.44 a month

3 loads per person – 2 people in a home = 24 loads in a month = $63.44

Time at laundromat zero hours.

So, the basic answer is, if you have more then one person in your home you would save both money and time simply renting. If you are single it would cost you $15 dollars more a month to rent a set, but would consume 8 hours of your time at the laundromat.

If you have any input please share. We did the best we could to give you an honest answer and save you the homework time.





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