31 July 2014

Washer and Dryer Set – Setting up for the School Year

It’s that time of year when many young adults are headed to college, some for the first time. Getting an apartment in a new town is such a huge part of the college experience, it’s really very exciting! But, there is a dark side to apartment life that isn’t always talked about. No, it’s not  overdoing it with the adult beverages   or even surviving on ramen noodles — that dirty little secret about living in an apartment for many is – – visits to the laundry mat!

The good news is, you can do something about this easily. It’s time to consider a washer and dryer rental for that apartment! Think about it, would you rather your fledgling student wastes valuable study time at a crowded, noisy laundry mat? Wouldn’t you rather they have a washer and dryer right in their apartment, so they can be at home as they should be, studying?

A washer and dryer rental will quickly prove itself to be much more cost effective than the laundry mat. It’s not simply the high prices of laundry mats.   Don’t underestimate the typical college kid’s amazing capacity for vending machine snacks and sodas. Those Ding-Dongs and Dr. Pibs will quickly add up and before you know it, your former honors student will not only be falling off their carefully planned budget, but also packing on the Freshman Fifteen. Do yourself and your student a big favor, and get them a washer and dryer rental today!

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