3 December 2016

The benefits of the front load washing machine

The benefits of the front load washing machine by Sudsy Butcherson

The laundry machine has come a long way from the washboard and a stream. The newest machines are high efficiency front load machines. What makes the front load machine so special? Are they really more efficient? Is the increased cost of purchasing a high efficiency front load machine really worth it?

The older style top load machines were simple machines. While they had many different knobs, their functions were few. The older machines would agitate slow or fast. They older machines would put in a half tub or full tub of water. There were few functions that the machine could actually perform while cleaning your clothes.

The new machines have an angled tub. This means that the tub never needs to fill itself up full of water; utilizing less. The high efficiency machines also use less electricity. They machine pulses electricity to the motor in certain parts of the cycle. This will cause the motor to turn off while the machine is ‘washing’ which saves electricity. With these two large differences, they machine will save you money over the life of the machine due to lower operating cost.