15 November 2018

We Wash You A Merry Christmas

We wash you a Merry Christmas

We wash you a Merry Christmas
We wash you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Seasons greetings everyone!  Welcome to the holiday edition of my blog.
    I want everyone to know a few things about cleaning up our decorations.  I have a great many items that are holiday tradition and it just wouldn’t be the same without them.  The big problem is, that all the decorations have been stored away in the garage or attic for the year leading up to now.  Most of the things are just a little bit dusty, but some are in a little worse shape.  I have always been a traditionalist demanding a real live Christmas tree. One problem with this is the leftover tree sap from seasons greetings past.  The manner of cleaning my tree skirt has a few things to consider.  What is your tree skirt made of?  Sometimes such things can be machine washable, but most of the time they aren’t.  If the tree skirt has needlepoint work, glued items or beads, you may be better off taking it to a professional cleaner.  If not, you may be able to machine wash the skirt IF the tag says that it is safe to do so.  Try washing in cold water after gently massaging a pretreatment into the stain.
    Another Christmas item that can get dirty are your stockings.  Stockings can be made from a variety of different materials, so paying attention to the washing instructions on this is key.  Fabrics like felt or velvet do not work well in the laundry machine.  Many times these items simply get dusty.  A good way to remove the dust is with a brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner.  This has the power to remove the dust without ruining your holiday cheer.  This same process can be used on special holiday toys or other decorations which do not stained.
Sudsy Butcherson
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